The story of a scientist inventing the key to eternal life.
A couple of thugs steal his invention and leave him and his daughter for dead.
In order to come back to life he sells his soul to the devil.
Armed only with a heart of vengeance, and an Axe, he hunts down the crooks one by one. . . .
They picked the wrong man to kill!!

Crooks feat. Sebastian Monti

Starring – Christoffer Svane

Director & Writer – Snorre Fuglsang Ruhe
Producer – Jens Formann
Production Company – Hobby Film
Assistant Director – Laura Hancock
Director of Photography – Kristoffer Engholm Aabo
Editor – Ogi Curcic

Set design – Mathilde Juul Ipsen
Stylist – Fredericke Kellberg
Sound design – Kevin Koch
Props Master – Louise Lindstrøm
Art department/props/spacemother – Susse Riber
Props/Spfx/location marshall – Niels Erik Bjerg
Makeup artists – Susana Flores
Make-up spfx Assistent – Kenneth L. S. Jeppesen

1st AC – Nis Birk Christensen
Second unit Dop / Spark / DIT / Bad Guy no.4 / Drengen – David Draad
Gaffer – Joe McCrae
Spark – Phillip Sacht
Spark – Alexander Jacobsen
Spark – Mikkel Kappel Persson
Steadi – Kim Jensen
Stunt coordinator – Frederik Nemo
Precision driver – Kenneth Hansen (Komo Rally)
Sound Recordist – Joachim Nyholm
Epic Sax – lui franch
SFX – FX Team
Choreographer – Louise Mochia

Production assistant – Sine Vangsgaard
Production assistant – Helle Kjærsgaard
Production assistant – Maximilian Auken

CGI artist – Simon Dunkan
Colorist / Cameo Film – Nurali Kushkov
Post coordinator – Emma Engberg
VFX artist – Jonathan Wendt
VFX artist – Mike Harris
​​VFX artist – Adam Zejlund Jessen
Graphic designer – Svlstg

Afshin Firouzi
Sebastian Lydolph
Søren Højen
Benjamin Stender
Vida Aya Huntley
Frederik Ferslev
Jan C. Juhl
Paw Vikjær Andersen
Nikolai Dobson

Camera equipment – Sidney Plaut
Lighting equipment – GAFFERS
Extra Light and camera gear – Bifrost Productions
Catering – Brendon Lou Mochia

A special thanks to:
Bødstrup Gods – Nicolas Bernhoft
Frank Omø
Andreas Kragh Jacobsen
Nanna Fuglsang
August Hancock
Freddie smith
FX Team
Lulu Lückow
Kasper Notlev
Keld – Shur auto
Amanda Formann
Joanna Fuglsang Ruhe Hancock
Fam. Fuego Formann

With support from Koda’s Cultural Funds
Ruhekassen’s money tree